Ugu Kidz

"It always seems impossible until it's done"

Nelson Mandela

The origin of Ugu Kidz

In 2013, Tony Aquila, the then CEO of Solera Holdings, sent a video message to all employees. The mission: come with ideas for Solera's LIFT program. The LIFT program is dedicated to people who deserve a second chance in life.

Ugu Kidz

The "Children of Gamalakhe" foundation will continue under the name "Ugu Kidz". This is to reflect the wider range of support and projects provided by the foundation to children with disabilities.

Why these children?

Children with a disability are extra vulnerable: often being left to fend for themselves, no father figure present , living in extreme poverty, suffering from both physical & sexual abuse for example.

Completed project: Othandweni Daycare Centre

Well Organised

Othandweni Daycare Center (NGO) is responsible for ownership and management of land / building Mark Adamsson Centre.

Endleleni (NGO) coaches employees of the Othandweni Center and supervises the use of funds from the Ugu kidz Foundation. The foundation operates from South Africa. See more projects from this NGO at

This foundation pays the most daily costs for the center.

For extra apply for the extra costs / commitment. Contact details: More info: Joke Stoffelen 0031 (0)6 23637338

We have welcomed the following companies and institutions as sponsors for the children in the township of Gamalakhe:

The website has been realized in collaboration with wewerken.

Wewerken is a work trajectory place for layout, design and online communication for people in and around the municipality of Renkum and Arnhem. It concerns people who need extra guidance and support with regard to living, working, care and participation.

Completion of the Ugu Kidz Foundation

As of January 1st, the Ugu Kidz Foundation will stop its activities. The center will from then on be run by the local community. See the timeline for more information.